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Bot Error[править]

Hello, wikipedia:ru: -> w:en:ru is not correct, example [1] S.J. 17:59, 30 ноября 2009 (UTC)Reply[ответить]

Yes it is : [[wikipedia:]] = [[w:en:]]. But, after, my bot will transforme [[w:??:ru:]] to [[w:]]. It's the same with [[wikibooks:]], [[wikisource:]], etc. This script is running in all wikiversity after an incubating in betawikiversity to allow a correct wikicode. but it can't do on one pass only, but need to check 4 times the pages, and the 4 pass need to be with a newest dump (a dump was created every 5-6 days). Crochet.david 18:10, 30 ноября 2009 (UTC)Reply[ответить]
Ok S.J. 19:17, 30 ноября 2009 (UTC)Reply[ответить]