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Wikiversity Beta is a global platform aiming at coordinating Wikiversity projects in several languages. In order to benefit from the input of its many members (not only English-writers), Beta has to set up an efficient multilingual discussion system.

Existing system[править]

Multilingualism is often a one-way concept: first there is a source page in English language, then people translate it to make it understandable to non-English-readers. The main drawback of this system is non-English-writers cannot take part in discussion, all they can do is passively read what is translated.

As the issues discussed on Beta concern Wikiversities in all languages, it is necessary that participants from all projects can give their opinions.

Proposed system[править]

Discussion about this proposal is welcome on the talk page.

1 - Participants starting a new discussion write a short summary of what it is about and add a link on the coordination motherpage.
2 - Translators translate the summary to other languages, and add the links on the coordination page.

3 - On each language talk pages, people discuss, give opinions and ask questions. They write a short paragraph summing up this and write it on their language subpage with a new ID number. On the coordination motherpage, they add the ID number and the link to their summary.
4 - Translators regularly check the coordination page and reflect the new summary on their page (with the same ID). They add links from the motherpage.

5 - Discussion goes on. Each new summary is given a new unique ID number which identifies it on the coordination page and on all language subpages.

Guidelines to make this system work[править]

  • The shorter, the better. Conciseness is the key to efficient multilingual discussions. Long paragraphs will probably not be translated, nor reflected on other language pages. That means the possible ideas / criticisms / questions will not get any attention.
  • Announce : when a discussion starts, it should be announced on Wikiversity:Announcements/En.
  • Paragraph numbering: Paragraphs should be numbered to be easily identified: first summary is #1, new summaries follow. This means participants have to check the other pages before adding a paragraph on their page to make sure their page is up-to-date and avoid number conflicts.

Benefits of this system[править]

  • Everybody can join and take part to the discussion.
  • Participants are required to be brief and to focus on key topics.
  • Consensus is likely to occur between all participants whatever their language is.


  • This system relies on the number of translators and their efficiency.


If you are proficient in more than one language, add yourself to the translators list at Wikiversity:Translation.