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Уровень продолжающих[править]

must v. have to[править]

Заполните пропуски, либо глаголом have to либо must.

I don't

go to work today.
I say, you

let me know instantly if he comes back.
Under terms of the program you will

work for a year in a charity. For free, of course.

wish v. hope[править]

Используйте глаголы to wish и to hope в соответствующей форме, чтобы заполнить пропуски.


I was younger.
I have been studying hard and I

I'll get all A marks.

the police won't start shooting.
I am half way to the office and I

you're already there.

my father was still with us (alive).

say v. tell[править]

Используйте глаголы to say и to tell в соответствующей форме, чтобы заполнить пропуски.

You have already

me about this matter once.

nothing about her marriage.
Can you please

me how I can get to the Strigino. The airport I mean.
They would never

such a thing to a foreigner.

the truth.
Can you

a straight guy from ... uh you know?

неисчисляемые существительные[править]

Поставьте правильный артикль, там где это нужно.

hair I found in my salad marred the evening.
It's not

good news for him
Can I give you


new furniture will make this house shine.

good v. well[править]

Well или good?

Joanna is a rather good student. She performed

at math test.
I heard you got a

payed job. Congratulations.
I'm not

at the moment. I don't think I go.

Удвоение согласных[править]

Поставьте глагол в правильную форму (герундий или Past Simple).

It's only (begin)

I've been (travel)

a lot since I got that job.
You must be (kid)

We (compare)

these options.


Заполните пропуск подходящим по смыслу предлогом

It's only 11. She must be

How is your achievement

Don't believe everything you read

a newspaper.
I look forward

work with you.
I am not interested

aviation that much.

still v. yet[править]

Поставьте наречие still или yet там, где это нужно.

GNU HURD hasn't been released

Are you

into linux ?

Определённый артикль[править]

Поставьте определённый артикль там, где он нужен.

I am at

work at the moment. I can't speak now.
Do you know who was

first to make Bronx cocktail?
We went to the rancho by

I didn't have access to

We dined in a small restaurant in St. Claire.

cuisine was wonderful.

like v. as[править]

Впишите в пропуски like или as.


You can buy the same jeans twice

Orange fruits and vegetables,

carrots are rich in beta-carotene.
What does Ivan's new girl-friend look


Продвинутый уровень[править]

Инфинитив v. герундий[править]

Поставьте глагол в правильную форму.

Did you see Ivan (come)

Can you help me to (move)

the piano?

Положение наречия относительно модального глагола[править]

1 I could sometimes stop being nice.


2 Youth never will return.


3 I should already have told you.


4 Antoine reckons himself to be a connoisseur despite the fact he can hardly distinguish Syrah from Pinot noir.