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Huh, this looks very chaotic. What is a problem there is a plain discussion within these pages and I dont think there is enough personnel to translate plain discussion.--Juan de Vojníkov 23:14, 15 января 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]

If I am correct, you have understood. To translate all discussion there is no necessity. For interested persons there is an autotranslator, I use it and I have no problems with understanding at least 8 European languages. I know one. But the main thing - a high-quality translation can be only the basic conclusions and the already well prepared text for transfer. S.J. 23:24, 15 января 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]
Here you understand sense of the written? S.J. 23:27, 15 января 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]